BHB Announces Appointment of Clinical Advisors to KEMH Redevelopment Project

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today announces the appointment of the Mott MacDonald Group as clinical advisors to the KEMH Redevelopment Project.

Seven firms with extensive clinical planning and advisory experience were invited to respond to BHB’s
Invitation to Submit Qualifications (ISQ). Mott MacDonald was competitively selected based on a robust
procurement process.

Mott MacDonald has provided consulting, technical services and programme management in the
healthcare sector around the world for over 20 years. In the UK, Mott MacDonald is a preferred provider
to PPP healthcare projects similar to the KEMH Redevelopment Project.

BHB CEO David Hill says: “The renovation and new building project presents BHB with an exciting
opportunity to improve our patients’ environment and experience. Mott Mac Donald will team up with
a highly‐qualified group of BHB healthcare professionals to look at how we can make our work flow and
clinical processes even better. Clinical advisory work is vital at this initial stage in the overall
redevelopment project. Many decisions affecting services, clinical design and function must be made as
we go out to the international PPP market to look for a private partner who will help us build the longterm,
sustainable acute healthcare facilities Bermuda needs. Mott MacDonald is a recognised leader in
the clinical advisory field, with a proven track record in PPP healthcare projects.”

BHB staff and Mott McDonald will together form a Clinical Advisory Team (CAT). BHB employees
throughout the organisation will have ample opportunities to work with CAT, and input will also be
sought from patient groups, as well as related healthcare agencies and professionals. Based on this
input, CAT will produce clinical output specifications which detail how BHB delivers future healthcare
services in line with international best practice. Relevant experience, an in‐depth understanding of
Bermuda’s healthcare system and knowledge of BHB’s patients’ unique needs are all required to reengineer
clinical service for Bermuda’s acute care facilities.

BHB Chairman Herman Tucker adds: “The Board’s mandate is to deliver high quality, patient‐centred
care. Improving the patient journey through our acute care hospital is at the heart of what CAT will do.
This collaborative effort between Mott MacDonald and BHB will co‐produce a roadmap for our clinical
services, which meet international best practice. The clinical output specifications that CAT produces are
very important, because they will ultimately drive the function of the 50% more space we need to build,
influence the bricks‐and‐mortar design of the new facilities and ensure a patient‐centred experience. “

About Mott MacDonald:

The Mott MacDonald Group is an employee-owned, management, engineering and development consultancy serving the public and private sectors worldwide. Mott MacDonald’s £900m business spans 120 countries with 14,500 staff working in all sectors from transport, energy, buildings, water and the environment to health and education, industry and communications.


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