Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute Opens ‘Mind Frame’ Art Exhibition to the Public

Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI) will host a display of client’s art and crafts during the week of July 24, 2006. Entitled Mind Frame, the exhibition includes over 70 submissions from various mediums, all produced by clients from Mental Health Services. Paintings, drawings, collage, sculpture, cartoons, photographs and jewelry will be showcased.

Occupational therapist Margaret Tattan said, “Art is an excellent activity, used extensively in our therapies. It allows clients to express themselves doing something really enjoyable. It also serves as an useful assessment tool in determining how well clients can concentrate, follow instructions and make use of fine motor skills.”

The public is invited to stop by MWI to view the display. “Many of our clients are extremely talented. The work being exhibited ranges across the spectrum and includes some excellent submissions,” said Teresa Law, occupational therapist. “Some of the pieces will be available for purchase.”

Both in and outpatients of all ages engage in art and craft therapy several times a week at MWI. “Clients have been working for several months and are pleased an audience will view their submissions,” said Ms. Tattan. “Showing their work builds confidence and self-esteem.”

Gladwin Daniels, who has submitted several pieces for the exhibition, said, “Creating art gives me a sense of freedom. Capturing the imagination of other people through my work is very satisfying.”

The Mind Frame Exhibition will run at MWI through July 27.


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