Hospital Opens New Pilot Patient Rooms

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) announced today that one patient room on Curtis ward at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) has been entirely renovated as part of its Capital Investment programme. A second room, with a different design, is almost complete. Utilising new equipment, design and services, the rooms will improve the patient experience in terms of both décor and function.

The rooms will be vetted by patients, their families and staff members as part of a pilot project to make sure they meet the needs of people using them, before other patient rooms in the hospital have similar refurbishment. Patients are expected to start using these rooms in early February 2009. The preferred features in each room will inform the final plans for further renovations.

“Our pilot rooms are setting the standard for the future refurbishment of KEMH wards, as well as the 90 new single-occupancy en suite rooms that will be built in our new patient tower,” said Granville Russell, Director of Medical/Surgical Wards. “Each room is unique and features effective and attractive design elements that incorporate blends of blues and greens, along with light wood accents in keeping with other renovation projects at KEMH.”

“We are pleased patients admitted to Curtis Ward will be the first to use these rooms,” said Karen Raynor, Clinical Coordinator for Curtis. “They incorporate state-of-the-art technology, which means better service for patients and a more therapeutic environment.”

The pilot rooms include these key features:
• Entrance doors with small windows for viewing patients without disturbing them
• Sinks for staff, patients and visitors to wash their hands for better infection control
• Bright and decorative floor coverings
• Double-glazed pivot-action windows that make cleaning easier
• Sensor-operated faucets and lighting in washrooms for resource efficiency
• Bedside controls for lighting and nurse call button
• Technology to support bed maintenance and future services
• Attractive design for a pleasant, soothing patient experience
• Bedside computer for more efficient record keeping.
• Easy access to plumbing and electrical services through specially-designed access panels

“This is an exciting time in the development of new and better facilities for our patients and staff,” says Jane Chapman, Services Redesign Manager, who is overseeing the project. “BHB is committed to investing in the care environment and services we provide. We look forward to renovating other patient rooms to this standard.”


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