Dr Donald Thomas Appointed as Chief of Staff

Bermuda Hospitals Board today announced the appointment of Dr Donald Thomas III, MD, as Chief of Staff. In this role, Dr. Thomas will be the chief medical advisor to the Board and responsible for physician relations at the Bermuda Hospitals Board, establishing fair and consistent policies and processes and succession planning for a Bermudian to take over this position in the long term.

Dr Thomas will report to the Board and the Chief Executive Officer, David Hill. His contract will initially be for 12 months, with a clause to extend his tenure, if required. Dr Thomas joins BHB today, on Tuesday 21 August, 2007.

Dr Thomas has over 30 years’ experience as a healthcare practitioner and joins BHB from the Greeley Company, a respected consulting, training and education company known for providing practical, effective strategies and solutions to assist the leaders of today´s healthcare organizations. Prior to joining The Greeley Company, Dr Thomas was CEO and Chief Medical Officer for Mentat Systems Inc. He has previously worked with Wellspring Partners Ltd, the Los Angeles County Health Department and as Regional Medical Officer for three separate Coastal Emergency Services regions, supervising as many as 36 separate medical directors, as well as contract compliance and problem resolution duties. Dr Thomas will have the backing of The Greeley Company’s international resources in his position as Chief of Staff at BHB.

Chairman of the Bermuda Hospitals Board, Herman Tucker, comments: “The Board is extremely pleased to appoint Dr Thomas to this critical medical leadership position. Dr Thomas will be responsible for BHB and private physicians who work at the hospitals, and therefore have a vital role in the quality of patient care in both hospitals. As part of the recruitment process, we engaged the physician community to ensure a Chief of Staff was appointed who had the support of this critical professional group at the hospital. We are extremely pleased to appoint Dr Thomas, who has extensive experience in this role. He will be a valued medical leader and an extremely well qualified mentor for a Bermudian to train under.”

Chief Executive Officer, David Hill, notes: “We welcome Dr Thomas to BHB. This is a critical position for the hospital in its drive to deliver consistent, quality patient care to the Bermuda community. Succession planning will be a key objective of this position, as we work towards identifying, training and mentoring Bermudians for all key positions at the hospitals. Dr Thomas’ experience in the area of physician relations and practices will be vital as we work to improve our delivery of care at BHB.”

Dr Wesley Miller, Chairman of the Active Staff Committee, adds: “The Active Staff Committee is the committee of physicians who have privileges at the hospital. We have been supportive and involved in the recruitment process and believe Dr Thomas’ appointment will provide us with strong and consistent leadership within the physician group. We are looking forward to working with him.”


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