BHB Invests to Strengthen Nursing

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today announces the establishment of a new nursing office that will drive the development, education and quality of nursing staff at both King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute. The office is being set up as part of the BHB’s strategy to continuously improve both the clinical quality and patient experience at both hospitals.

The BHB Nursing Office will be headed up by a new position, Chief of Nursing, Quality & Risk that will report to the CEO. The goal is to strengthen the voice of nursing at the most senior level of BHB, and also improve the development and support of its nursing staff.

BHB has been working closely with Massachusetts General Hospital, a member of the Partners Group, in order to establish its Nursing Office and also develop Bermudian nurse leadership. Mass General has already offered a fellowship for a BHB nurse identified as a future leader and will help support appointments to new positions.

At the same time as improving nurse leadership, the Board has approved the investment of hiring an additional 15 nurses to strengthen nursing numbers at the bedside.

David Hill comments: “This is a very exciting development at BHB. A strong nursing staff is vital to a high quality service for patients. Nurses give most of the bed side care to our patients so improving their opportunities to develop and giving them better support in making quality improvements will hopefully have a direct impact on patient care. We are very pleased to be working closely with Massachusetts General Hospital on establishing this office at BHB. They have an extremely strong and motivated Nursing Office. We are also grateful for the generous offer of a fellowship for a Bermudian Nurse with leadership potential. This is succession planning at its most exciting, providing individuals with wonderful learning opportunity and helping BHB prepare its up and coming leaders. We expect the first fellowship to run next year.”

Mr Hill adds: “The hiring process for a Chief of Nursing, Quality & Risk has been started and will be advertising locally in the near future. Given the importance of this role, however, as an interim measure, Judy Richardson our current Director of Quality & Risk will be acting in this position until a permanent appointment is made.”


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