Clinical & Corporate Governance Review Update

Bermuda Hospitals Board is today pleased to provide more detail about its planned Clinical and Corporate Governance Review. The Request for Proposal (RFP) has been made available internationally and the short-listing process will take place this month.

Venetta Symonds, Chief Executive Officer, comments: “We remain committed to updating the community throughout this process. We have to run the hospital ethically and responsibly to ensure our focus is on high quality healthcare services at the lowest cost. Our first step for this review is to ensure we find a quality, experienced organization that will be thorough and independent. Once the tendering process is complete, BHB will announce the successful company and provide a more detailed timeline for completion.

“In recognition of any concerns that the BHB has initiated and will pay for this review, I am pleased that the Ombudsman for Bermuda has agreed to be involved in the public interest. In accordance with the Ombudsman Act, she will have full scope to provide input to and question the reviewer or other persons and to review documentation. She will report to the Parliament and the public on both the process and the full final report of the reviewer. ”

The Clinical and Corporate Governance Review has been planned for the following reasons:
– To ensure robust corporate governance standards are in place
– To identify obligations and liabilities relating to the growth in the number of BHB-employed physicians
– To address concerns expressed in the community regarding quality of care
– To review preparations for the operational readiness of the new hospital facility
– To address BHB responsibilities of the National Health Plan
– To ensure financial preparations enable BHB to meet obligations of the KEMH Redevelopment Project, despite the economic challenges
– To review the transition to a new corporate management structure under the new Chief Executive Officer

The scope of the review includes the following specific areas:
– The Board and Senior Management Team – composition, team working, effectiveness
– Training, knowledge and information for members
– Board sub-committees particularly current Governance Committee and Medical Staff Committee
– Accountability, reporting lines and delegation of authority
– Transparency and disclosure requirements in addressing potential conflicts of interest
– Contractual and managerial arrangements for physicians
– Processes for providing assurance on Clinical Governance
– Robustness of financial and procurement controls
– Use of performance indicators and appropriateness to the delivery of organisational goals
– Use of benchmarking data
– Use of health industry efficiency tools e.g. demand and capacity planning
– Scope and effectiveness of risk management arrangements


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