Nurses Week 2007: Promoting Quality Workplaces and Celebrating Bermuda´s Nurses

The Bermuda Nurses Association (BNA) and Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today launch Nurses Week 2007 with a proclamation reading at 12.30pm at City Hall by the Attorney General, Minister of Justice and Acting Minister of Health, the Hon. Philip Perinchief, JP, MP.

Nurses are the largest group of healthcare professionals in our community, with over 800 in Bermuda. Nurses Week pays tribute to the contribution made by nurses to healthcare in Bermuda and highlights professional issues. The event is driven world-wide by the International Nurses Association and this year¡¦s theme, Quality Workplaces Equal Quality Patient Care, aims to draw attention to best practices in work environments.

Dawn Johnson, President of the Bermuda Nurses Association and Training Officer for Education Services at BHB comments: “Quality work environments are vital wherever nurses are employed, so that nurses can excel and patients receive top quality patient care. There are nurses working across the Island in Bermuda, in nursing homes, physician offices, and Government, although the largest employer of nurses is BHB. Many employers of nurses in Bermuda already strive for best practices and nurses themselves have a role to play in advocating and demanding these standards are met. At the Bermuda Nurses Association we are especially proud to celebrate nurses this week, although the BNA supports nurses throughout the year with networking events, education and financial support for conferences and training.¨

Kathy-Ann Lewis, Director of Clinical Programmes, BHB, said, “Nurses are the foundation of quality patient care at the hospitals and we are proud to acknowledge our skilled and experienced nursing professionals in Nurses Week. BHB recognises the importance of quality workplaces in providing excellent patient care. Caring for our patients starts by caring for our healthcare professionals and the environment in which they work. Such a workplace keeps the focus on patient care and safety, it supports nurses as they seek to develop, learn and grow and it values them with appropriate compensation and pay for the skills they offer. This is something we aim to do year-round, but this week we would especially like to celebrate the service our tireless and professional nurses provide to any person in need of care in Bermuda.¨

The International Nurses Association states that positive practice environments are characterized by:
« Innovative policy frameworks focused on recruitment and retention
« Strategies for continuing education and upgrading
« Adequate employee compensation
« Recognition programmes
« Sufficient equipment and supplies
« A safe working environment

To celebrate Nurses Week, the BNA and BHB have a variety of activities throughout the week of May 6th. Activities include sporting events, a learning lunch, a tour of Westgate, a fashion show and a retired nurses tea.


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