Atrium- Bringing light to the interior

Acute Care Wing weekly project update

The healing power of natural light played a major role in the architectural design of the new Acute Care Wing. Large windows are featured throughout the building and while that allows light into areas facing outdoors it doesn’t address areas in the middle of the new facility.

Yet natural light pours as readily into these areas as those on the perimeter of the building. This is because a central atrium with skylights has been created in the middle of the facility. The atrium is 2,738 square feet on the second floor. It houses a waiting area, check-in desk and discharge lounge for surgical patients.

The waiting area seats 18 people while the discharge lounge seats eight.
“The design in this section of the building uplifts your spirit,” said BHB President and CEO Venetta Symonds. “I’m sure members of the public will especially appreciate having this feeling in a hospital setting. The functionality of making it a waiting area speaks to the expertise of the architectural and design team of Paget Health Services.”

Scientific studies have proven the importance of lighting levels on mood and emotion and more recently on the body’s circadian rhythms and in turn, its physiology. The Bermuda Hospitals Board is proud that the new Acute Care Wing provides both its staff and the public with healthy amounts of natural light.

The new Acute Care Wing opens to the public this September. If you have any questions about departments and services moving to the new wing please contact Cathy Stovell on 239-1006 or email her on

Support your new Acute Care Wing with a donation to the Why It Matters campaign visit for more information.


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