Bermuda Hospitals Board Moves Forward with Quality Improvement Initiatives

Ministry of Health and Family Services Approves Implementation Plan

The Ministry of Health and Family Services today announced it has approved a plan for the Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) to lead the implementation of key recommendations from an operational review. In 2003, the Ministry commissioned a review of the BHB’s programmes and services to ensure that the hospitals were positioned to succeed in today’s changing healthcare climate. The review resulted in key recommendations to improve the quality of patient care and to keep employees fulfilled in their working lives.

As part of its plan, the Bermuda Hospitals Board has appointed Mrs. Venetta Symonds, who has 28 years of progressive experience with the BHB, to the role of Organizational Review Officer to guide the implementation of the recommendations. Regular progress updates will be made to employees and the community.

“We are extremely pleased with the appointment of Mrs. Venetta Symonds as Organizational Review Officer,” said Joan Dillas-Wright, chief executive officer of the Bermuda Hospitals Board. “Her role will greatly facilitate the implementation of these recommendations, and we thank the Ministry of Health and Family Services for their ongoing support as we move forward with our quality improvement initiatives.”

Overall, the recommendations seek to improve efficiency and reduce costs at KEMH and SBH in the areas of finance, organizational structure, management, information systems, quality of care and productivity. The majority of these recommendations reflect the observations of BHB employees.

Progress at the Bermuda Hospitals Board
The Bermuda Hospitals Board has already made a great deal of progress that reflects the key recommendations. Highlights include:

– Open communication with community, key stakeholders and employees during estate master planning process, which will result in a blueprint for Bermuda’s hospitals in May 2005
– New intensive care unit opening in November
– Renovated laundry facility “open house” in November
– Strong financial performance during 2003-04 financial year that will enable funding of key patient care improvements
– Leadership training for BHB employees at various levels throughout the organization
– Recognition programs planned for BHB employees
– Joined the Advisory Board’s Council of International Hospitals, a membership of the world’s most progressive health systems and medical centres. Key BHB staff now have access to this resource for research and analysis purposes
– Established communications department that will report BHB progress to community and employees on a regular basis

“The Bermuda Hospitals Board is in an exciting period of growth and change that will improve patient care at our hospitals, and implementation of these recommendations is part of this process,” said Jonathan Brewin, chairman of the Bermuda Hospitals Board. “It is very important that the community is aware of the many excellent services available at King Edward VII Memorial and St. Brendan’s Hospitals, and we look forward to demonstrating our progress in the following months as we announce key improvements.”


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