Bermuda Hospitals Board Announces Scholarship Winners

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) will today award scholarships totaling $165,000 (paid over time periods from one to four years) to nine students pursing degrees in healthcare.

During a special Awards Ceremony held at Cap-A-Laige in Paget, the Hon. Nelson B.A. Bascome J.P, M.P, BHB’s Deputy Chairman, Wendell Hollis, and CEO, David Hill, will present the nine students with their scholarships.

Three of the scholarship winners will study nursing, while the others will seek degrees in the allied health fields of nuclear medicine, radiology, occupational therapy and health sciences library.

The scholarship winners have all demonstrated a strong commitment to service in the community and the hospitals, as well as maintaining a solid academic performance.

In addition to announcing scholarship winners, this year’s ceremony will honour eight employees who have recently graduated with degrees or certifications in the fields of nursing, management, nursing aide, business administration and healthcare education.

Ms. Kerry Garrigan, Director of Human Resources comments: “On behalf of BHB, I congratulate these young people for their vital contribution to our community. We are competing in a global market with a shortage of medical professionals. The hospitals are committed to supporting Bermudian students pursuing careers in healthcare. I would also like to congratulate BHB staff who has successfully completed their studies over the last twelve months. ”

David Hill, CEO, says: “These students are the hospitals’ future healthcare professionals and we wish them well in their studies. I would also like to acknowledge staff members who have attained professional qualifications over the past year. They have worked exceedingly hard, making time to pursue diplomas and certificates, while also juggling full time employment. Thank you for your on-going commitment and dedication to improving patient care. I would also like to pay tribute to GlaxoSmithKlein who continue to support our students with a biannual scholarship, which they have raised from $12,5000 to $15,000 a year.”

Wendell Hollis, Deputy Chairman adds: “By offering scholarships to our students, BHB has made educating and training Bermudians a priority. This is critical to the long term wellbeing of the hospitals and its ability to deliver sustained, excellent care in the future. It is equally important that we invest in our staff, as healthcare continues to advance and develop. I am proud of the personal dedication these scholarship winners and staff members have made to education and the impact their efforts will have on quality patient care at the hospitals.”

The scholarship winners are:
Nursing scholarships: Deana-Marie Gilbert, K’Maria Seaman and Rache Somner

Allied health scholarships: Pashe Douglas-Sampson, Tina Wall, Akilah Lapsley-Dyer, Ashley Wall and Shari Scott

Human Resources/Health Sciences Library scholarship: Malikah Sheeheed

BHB staff who recently graduated: Colleen Smith, Marilyn Ebbin, Preston Swan, Anthea Emery, Synda Perry, Kelly Pitcher, Shanay Scott and Shayna Smith.


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