Robot Enhances Patient Care

Bermuda Hospitals Board is pleased to announce the introduction of an amazing piece of new technology, the RP-7 robot, which will enhance patient care by providing access to overseas consultants without sending the patient abroad. This remote presence device will serve as a great resource for King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and its partner institution, the Lahey Clinic.

The RP-7 technology involves a physical robot and a Web-based management console. This combination makes for an incredibly versatile piece of technology. The premise of remote presence technology is that by using the robot, consultants at the Lahey Clinic can log into the robot console, consult with a KEMH physician and examine a patient by operating the robot’s features.

This includes examining a patient with either or both of the device’s two cameras, while conferring with the patient and family members through the video monitor. Lahey consultants can discuss a patient’s condition with other physicians at Lahey and KEMH, as well as with medical professionals and caregivers here in Bermuda.

Dr. Donald Thomas, Chief of Staff for BHB, said, “Consultants at Lahey will interact with our physicians and patients in ways that were never before possible. They can actually see patients, examine them with a stethoscope attachment and speak with them and their families. This new technology will further enhance patient care.”

Patients at KEMH can now be examined and assessed by consultants, without necessarily transferring to overseas medical facilities. This means some patients will remain on island for care, while still having access to the expertise of specialists.

Remote presence technology can also be used to allow patients and families to visit from great distances and to provide education.

“Telemedicine has always had great potential for the healthcare community,” adds Dr. Thomas. “The RP-7 robot will especially impact care for Bermuda because of our remote locale. It is user-friendly, has a demonstrated ability to enhance patient care and can solve problems related to the current shortage of healthcare workers.”


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