Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute Nursing Aides Receive Certification

Seven nursing aides will graduate with a City & Guilds certificate in “Working with People Who Have Learning Disability” at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI) on Wednesday 8 December 2010.

The graduates are Tamara Bean, Sharika Davis, Terri-lynn Dill, Judy Fubler , Chandelle Hardy, Jennifer Minks and Dabrina Turner.

City & Guilds is the UK’s leading vocational qualification awarding body, offering more than 500 qualifications in over 28 industry sectors, through 8,500 approved centres in around 100 countries. Following an on-site review by City & Guilds representatives in 2005, MWI was approved to become a City & Guilds Assessment Centre for working with people who have disabilities. This status was reconfirmed in 2009 for an additional three years, following the regular required evaluation by a City & Guilds External Verifier.

“Staff members at MWI are committed to providing the highest quality care to service users,” says Patrice Dill, Chief Operating Officer. “We are very proud to celebrate the success of these seven nursing aides who work in the Learning Disability area. Over half of our nursing aides have now gone through the programme and we are pleased to offer this certification to our staff as a City & Guilds Assessment Centre.”

Learning Disability Clinical Director, Mr Michael Murray, adds: “Providing educational opportunities for our staff means we are continually improving our services as we work towards more community-based care. To further this goal, we are establishing more group homes so services users can reside in a home-like environment. We offer both day care and residential care services for Learning Disability clients in our community and we are constantly seeking ways to better serve this population. This is an exciting time for us and for the people using our services.”


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