Bermuda College and Bermuda Hospitals Board Announce New Nursing Certificate

In a joint statement today, Bermuda College and Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) announced the launch of a new nursing certificate that will see its graduates able to seek progressive positions in the health care profession.

The Certificate for Nursing Assistants (CNA) programme is a two-semester, part-time curriculum providing students with a fundamental understanding of working in a supervised capacity either in a clinical setting or in an approved nursing home. Topics covered include medical terminology, professional regulations and other legal issues governing health care in Bermuda, modern health care practices, mental health care practices, workplace ethics and professional conduct, teamwork and decision-making. In addition, students in the programme will be required to successfully complete a six-week internship.

Successful applicants will be required to have a high school diploma, GED or its equivalent, will be required to take a College Placement Test (CPT) and earn scores of 70 or higher in English and 30 or higher in Math.

Acting President of Bermuda College, Dr. Larita Alford, said: “The College is pleased to collaborate with BHB to provide access for persons interested in the programme. We anticipate that opportunities will be available to provide a seamless movement into other health care-related professions.”

Venetta Symonds, Acting CEO for BHB, commented: “This initiative is a positive step in encouraging Bermudians to pursue careers in health care. The Hospital is pleased to partner with Bermuda College in creating a new local training programme that will enhance the skill sets of persons interested in providing basic nursing care.”

Scott Pearman, Director of Human Resources, added: “This new certificate course will create a more definitive career track for the Hospital’s all-important auxiliary staff, encompassing academic studies, practical training and commitment to quality patient care. Graduates of the Certificate for Nursing Assistants programme will be eligible for career progression within the hospital to posts that provide higher levels of support to nursing staff.”

General Secretary of the Bermuda Industrial Union, Ms Molly Burgess, said the union was in full support of the training initiative. “As you are aware, the Union has been pressing for the inclusion of training of Hospital nursing support staff for several years. It is, therefore, very heartening to see BHB and the Bermuda College provide this additional training. On behalf of the Executive Board of the BIU, I can state that our Union fully supports the initiation of the New Nursing Assistant Certificate,” she said.

People interested in the Certificate should contact Ms. Kathy Lewis, Director of Clinical Programme, at BHB: 239-2055 ext.1328 for additional information.


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