Hospitals Auxiliary of Bermuda Donates $1.6 Million to BHB

Donated Funds to Purchase New 128 Slice CT Scanner

Bermuda Hospitals Board today thanked the Hospitals Auxiliary of Bermuda (HAB) for donating $1.6 million towards vital hospital equipment, including a new 128-slice CT scanner. Other equipment includes a Radiant Warmer for Maternity, Ventilator for the Intensive Care Unit, an electro-coagulation machine for Dialysis water treatment and four dialysis systems.

The biggest portion of the donation will be utilised to purchase a 128-slice CT scanner. BHB currently has an 8-slice CT scanner, which is used to diagnose internal soft tissue injuries and illnesses, such as head trauma, strokes and vascular conditions. The new CT scanner will be the most powerful in Bermuda, enabling additional angiography procedures and virtual colonoscopy. The equipment enables a 50% reduction in radiation dose; less contrast is used, and it is offers faster scan times as well as improved overall image quality.

Dana Goodfellow, President of the HAB, comments: “On behalf of the HAB and its volunteers I am very delighted to donate these funds. We pride ourselves on the wonderful service our volunteers provide throughout the hospital, and to see the funds raised from the Barn, Pink Cafe and Gift Shop being invested in patient care is a great tribute to the hard work of our volunteers in those areas. We are very pleased to help our hospital keep pace with international standards with the introduction of a 128 CT Scanner, and help the other hospital departments improve patient care through the purchase of much-needed equipment.”

The HAB has 456 Adult members and 78 Junior Members (Candy Stripers). Of these about 271 actively volunteer their time. The 185 inactive members still contribute their membership dues every year, which contributes towards the HAB’s fundraising. In 2010, 38,000 hours were donated by volunteers in the hospital.

Deputy CEO, Mrs Venetta Symonds, comments: “I would like to thank the HAB for this very generous donation, and for the work its volunteers undertake every day around the hospital. This donation is especially meaningful for me as I worked as a CT technologist in 1987 when BHB introduced its first ever CT service with a single slice scanner. I know from personal experience how this technology improved our ability to diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses back then, and it is amazing to see introduce leading edge technology almost 24 years later to benefit Bermuda. For example, a virtual colonoscopy will eliminate the risks associated with the surgical procedure. It will be a vastly improved and faster experience for patients. These donations help us make a difference in the care we can delivery for Bermuda and we are very grateful to the HAB’s continued support.”

Renovation work is being planned to accommodate the 128 Slice CT Scanner in the existing Diagnostic Imaging Department. The scanner is expected to go live around the end of the year and will be moved to the new hospital facility when it is completed in 2014


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