Executive Director of Wellness Hired to Reduce Utilisation of Healthcare Services

Bermuda Hospitals Board today announces the appointment of Mr Glenn Wachter as Executive Director of Wellness, a new position that aims to improve the health of BHB staff and, eventually, the community. The main goal of the position is to reduce utilization of healthcare services and so help control healthcare costs, through improved wellness and prevention of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Mr Wachter has two master’s degrees in management of public and private health care organizations and has previously developed and led a heart disease, diabetes,and obesity-focused community wellness programme. Married to a Bermudian, Mr Wachter lived in Bermuda since 2009 and has previously worked for both the Ministry of Health and Bermuda Hospitals Board.

Chairman of the Bermuda Hospitals Board, Mr Herman Tucker, comments: “Wellness is now one of the key strategic priorities of BHB, in order to combat the growing incidence of chronic, lifestyle diseases in Bermuda. This will reduce the utilization of hospital services and so help control healthcare costs on the island. As Bermuda’s only hospitals, we expect everyone at BHB, from Board members to management and staff to demonstrate leadership in health – including managing our own. We therefore have charged BHB with developing a comprehensive wellness strategy that is evidence-based and driven by clearly defined targets and measures. Mr Wachter will be leading the development of this strategy and oversee its implementation.”

Chief Executive Officer, Mr David Hill, comments: “As an employer, we want to see our employees healthy in mind and body. This makes for a more content workforce, it improves productivity and, critically, helps us control our own healthcare premiums. We believe that a proven, evidence-based wellness programme at BHB will be of interest to other organisations for the same reasons. Our goal is, over time, to create a paradigm shift where BHB prevents diseases, as well as treats them. Our vision is to be the first in health and wellness, and it is exciting to see the appointment of an experienced and qualified Executive Director of Wellness help us work towards a well Bermuda.”

Mr Wachter has a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon, a Master in Business Administration: Health Care Management from the American Intercontinental University in Chicago, Illinois, and a Masters in Public Administration: Health Administration from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon.

Mr Wachter comments: “I am thrilled to be appointed to this new position at BHB, and the impact it will have on our employees, their families and community. I am passionate about the positive impact of wellness on individuals and organisations, and also the great benefit it has in controlling healthcare costs. My initial focus will be working with staff at BHB and formulating a wellness strategy with clear measurements. There is a wealth of expertise already available within BHB and I am looking forward to working with staff to develop an all-encompassing, evidence-based wellness programme.”

Before his appointment to this position, Mr Wachter was a Project Manager for the Chief of Nursing, Quality & Risk at BHB, working on various strategic projects related to wellness, allied health and quality improvement. He has previously worked as a consultant on long term care for both BHB and the Ministry of Health. Prior to coming to Bermuda, Mr Wachter worked in the US as Director of Healthcare Recruitment for Mosaic Medical Group. He has previously worked as National Recruitment Manager, Pharmacy for United Human Capital Solutions, Deputy State Ombudsman for the State of Oregon, Office of Long-Term Care Ombudsman; a Legislative/ Regulatory Policy Analyst for Telemedicine Research Center; and Government Affairs Coordinator for the Association of Telehealth Service Providers.


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