Laboratory Open House Highlights Automated Lab Equipment and Latest Advances in Cervical Screening

KEMH First Floor, Saturday 28 April – 8am to Noon

Bermuda Hospitals Board today announces that it will be having a Laboratory Open House on Saturday 28 April from 8am to noon at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital Laboratory, on the first floor.

Members of the community are invited to attend to tour the lab with staff members, see BHB Medical Technologists performing tests and learn more about the new instrumentation at KEMH and how it is offering the highest quality of testing for people in Bermuda.

Pathology Manager, Kathy Stephens, comments: “We are really pleased to open up our doors to interested members of the public. We processed over 3.2 million test results last year and we know that behind every sample is a patient waiting for answers. Our Open House is a great opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes for anyone interested in a career in Pathology, or who just wants to see what happens to their specimens when they are sent to us for testing.

Over the last year, the lab has introduced a new automated track, which attendees will be able to see in action as well as find out more about new and upgraded technology. The Laboratory is accredited by Accreditation Canada and Joint Commission International.

Chief of Pathology, Dr Rachel Redman, adds: “We are excited to share our work with the public. Although the answers we provide can be life-changing, people often don’t realize the huge investment in equipment and professionals required to run the hospital lab, nor how important it is that we run efficiently and accurately. Quite simply, lives can depend on us getting the right result back to physicians and their patients in a timely manner.”

Laboratory FACTFILE
• Average turn-around time from receipt to result for a Complete Blood Count is 15.82 minutes
• Over 100 Sickle Cell tests are processed every month
• Over 5,000 surgical specimens are processed every year
• Over 3,500 PSA tests were processed last year
• 3.2 million test results were processed from April 2011 to March 2012


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