BHB Pathology Department Maintains Specialist Accreditation

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today announces that its Department of Pathology has once again earned three-year accreditation status from Joint Commission International (JCI), the worldwide leader in improving the quality of health care. With over 3 million lab results produced each year, the Department has 62 members of staff.

BHB’s Department of Pathology offers a full range of diagnostic tests, including blood and urine tests; examination of biopsies and specimens removed at time of surgery, cervical smears and other fluids for diseases such as cancer; haematology and blood transfusion services; microbiology and autopsy services. It is the only laboratory on-island with a full time pathologists, haematologist and microbiologist. The Department utilizes the latest automated equipment, which assures efficiency and accuracy, and this year introduced a significant advance in diagnostic capability for cervical screening, called ThinPrep imaging system.

Joint Commission International’s on-site evaluation of the Department of Pathology occurred from 13 to 15 February 2012, with a follow-up Focus Survey on May 30, 2012 conducted by Mrs. Diane Hopkins.

Kathy Stephens, Laboratory Manager comments: “We continue to seek accreditation from JCI because we want to provide the best care possible for our patients. Earning accreditation from JCI is another way to ensure excellence for people in Bermuda. Providing high quality care is a team effort and benefits not only patients, but gives employees a feeling of prestige to work in an accredited organization.”

BHB CEO, Venetta Symonds comments: “Congratulations to the Pathology Department Staff for successfully meeting all the patient safety and quality standards required by JCI. It is the only department in Bermuda to voluntarily go through two accreditations process with both Accreditation Canada and JCI in order to ensure it is meeting the latest international standards for anyone in Bermuda who needs its diagnostic services.”

Joint Commission International is dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare through voluntary accreditation. Standards focus on the areas that most directly impact patient care. These include access to care, assessment of patients, infection control, patient and family rights, and education. Standards also address facility management and safety, staff qualifications, quality improvement, organizational leadership, and management of information.

Ann K. Jacobson, Executive Director, International Accreditation, Joint Commission International states “The citizens of Bermuda should be proud that the Bermuda Hospitals Board, Pathology Department is focusing on this most challenging goal – to continuously raise quality to higher levels.”

“Let us maintain our commitment to quality improvement and patient safety for both the JCI Clinical Laboratory standards and Accreditation Canada standards,” states the Quality Manager, Ms. Clio Innes, who has been directly instrumental in moving the team towards the achievement of another successful accreditation designation.


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