Review expected to take three months

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB), with the Ministry of Health and the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust (BHCT), is today pleased to announce the start of a strategic review of healthcare utilisation within Bermuda (“the review”).

The independent review was announced in October 2006, although its start was deferred pending preliminary work on same site options, following Government’s mandate to focus on this site.

Facilitated by a team from Johns Hopkins Medicine International, who offer extensive experience building, planning and administering healthcare facilities internationally, the review will assess the utilisation of healthcare services in Bermuda, building on data and research compiled to date through the Estate Master Plan process. Expected to last about three months, the review will:

· Appraise the utilisation of the broader healthcare services currently provided in Bermuda and produce an up-to-date service profile
· Acquire further data from healthcare stakeholders in Bermuda as needed
· Assess the future demand for healthcare services in Bermuda and identify the future service profile
· Using compiled information, undertake a comparative “gap analysis” of Estate Master Plan data, identifying discrepancies.
· Present a final report with findings, conclusions and recommendations, with a particular focus on optimising the economical sustainability and medical viability of acute hospital and outpatient clinical services.

Attorney General, Minister of Justice and Acting Minister of Health, the Hon. Philip Perinchief, JP, MP, says: “This is a milestone in assessing how healthcare services are used in Bermuda. The Estate Master Plan set a solid foundation. Working with Johns Hopkins Medicine International and local stakeholders, this strategic review will build on existing data so we can plan how the hospital will operate within the wider delivery of healthcare services for the Island.”

David Hill, Bermuda Hospitals Board Chief Executive Officer, comments: “I am extremely pleased to see the new hospital project advance with the commencement of the review. We recognise that the community may feel that this has already been a long process. However, the review will help us step forward with confidence by clearly defining our service profile within the context of the broader healthcare system. This is extremely important as the service profile has to be solid before we can begin to look at design. This is a complex and highly specialised project and the expertise Johns Hopkins Medicine International can offer will be extremely valuable in ensuring we plot a sure and steady course forward.”

Philip Butterfield, Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust Chairman adds: “A new hospital will be one of the most significant capital projects undertaken in Bermuda. In order to plan and prepare for this project, we need to better understand how we all use the healthcare system in Bermuda and what our healthcare needs are likely to be in the future. By capitalising on the world-class expertise that Johns Hopkins Medicine International brings to the table, we will be better able to determine the right mix of healthcare services that should be delivered both on island and overseas. We believe that this review of healthcare utilisation will enable us to better identify the real acute care and outpatient clinical services that the new hospital must provide.”

The review will be jointly funded by the Ministry of Health and the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust. Once completed, the results of the review will be evaluated in the context of the recommendations in the Estate Master Plan.


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