Elderly Patients Temporarily Move from Reid Ward while Renovations and Maintenance Work Undertaken at MWI

Bermuda Hospitals Board today announced that 19 elderly patients currently cared for at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Centre’s (MWI) Reid Ward will temporarily relocate to the Sylvia Richardson Home’s secure Alzheimer Unit. The short-term move will allow maintenance and renovation work to be undertaken at MWI.

The maintenance required is the result of persistent leaks in the roof and mechanical systems of the Fairview Court wards, where Learning Disability clients are housed. Learning Disability clients will temporarily relocate to Reid Ward. Reid Ward is where elderly patients with mental health issues such as dementia are cared for. They are being relocated as appropriate temporary accommodation was available at the Sylvia Richardson Home.

Remedial work on the central air conditioning and electrical system will be undertaken at the same time as replacing the ceiling and roof sections concerned. Both Fairview Court and Reid Ward will then both be renovated and painted to improve the physical environment before patients return.

Chief Operating Officer (MWI & Continuing Care) Patrice Dill comments: “Our immediate concern is for the care and safety of our patients. This section of MWI is over thirty years old and, due to the leaks, we must undertake work on the roof and ceiling as soon as possible. We are grateful that Sylvia Richardson can accommodate us during this time and would like to thank the Ministry of Health for their assistance. We are also taking this opportunity to improve our facility for patients and staff by upgrading our air conditioning, electrics and also enhancing the physical environment. This will help improve the care experience and comfort of our patients. The additional work was unplanned, but carrying it out at this time will mean less long term disruption to their care. We look forward to welcoming both staff and patients back to a much improved all-round environment. ”

Reid Ward staff will relocate to Sylvia Richardson with patients to ensure continuity of care. They will also continue to utilize MWI’s existing support services, such as Dietary and Laundry. The entire project is expected to be completed Summer 2008.


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