Bermuda Hospitals Board adds General Consent form

Consent to Your Care

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) is pleased to announce the introduction of the General Consent form for patients. The form is an addition to the list of required consents currently in place for patients.

Traditionally it has been assumed that anyone attending the hospital wanted treatment. Introduction of the General Consent form now formalises this relationship. The General Consent form covers routine medical care and non-invasive procedures. Simply put it is your consent to care. It is worth noting that BHB has always required consent forms for invasive procedures such as surgery and blood transfusions, and that use of these will continue.

BHB CEO Venetta Symonds explained the need for the form: “In our mission to provide exceptional care and a healthy community, we want to ensure that you are informed about your needs and that we have your permission to provide the best options available for health care diagnostics and intervention at the earliest possible opportunity.

“In fulfilling this mission we also need to know that every person that has been afforded our medical services or treatment, has given their permission to receive it and been apprised of their right to refuse it.

“We understand that no one wants to feel forced into health care decisions especially as these are often needed at times when we are most fragile and vulnerable.”

The General Consent form will become mandatory for all BHB patients over time. At present patients of the Diabetes Respiratory Endocrine and Metabolism (DREAM) Centre, Fracture Clinic and Allied Health Services are asked to complete it if they want to obtain treatment or services.

Members of the public do not have to sign the form but failure to sign it means no treatment or services will be given.

Processes are in place for those who are vulnerable and unable to sign on their own behalf. These processes will be extended and used with this additional consent form.

Members of the public can visit the BHB website to review the form as well as frequently asked questions and answers (click the links below). Anyone requiring more information about the form can contact BHB Public Relations Senior Specialist Cathy Stovell or email



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