Hospital Emergency Department Improves Patient Care with Move to Electronic Records

King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) is pleased to announce the introduction of fully electronic charts in the Emergency Department beginning July 1, 2009.

The Medhost Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) incorporates a number of evidence-based safety features to improve patient care and will generate diagnosis-specific discharge instructions, as well as medication information. The new system will also relay important findings to primary care physicians in a timely manner.

“EDIS requires a much higher level of documentation from both physicians and nurses,” said Dr. Edward Schultz, Director of Emergency Services at KEMH. “In addition, built-in safety features will identify certain high-risk findings which will be addressed prior to discharging patients from the department.”

Dr. Donald Thomas III, Chief of Staff for Bermuda Hospitals Board expects the introduction of EDIS to increase patient safety, while streamlining financial processes.

“This new system will strengthen our communication processes and increase efficiency,” said Dr. Thomas. “Nurses and physicians will utilize a touch screen interface for effective patient tracking, nurse charting, physician documentation and order entry. Electronic patient records are now the industry standard and the system being instituted at KEMH is used in some of the best medical facilities abroad.”

While EDIS will have a positive impact on patient care, there may initially be some delays. “We have scheduled additional physicians to cover the emergency department when we launch EDIS,” adds Dr. Schultz. “We ask the public for their patience as emergency department staff become familiar with new procedures.”

The public is also reminded they can be treated at the new Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre, located in the east end. “Most patients are seen by a doctor as soon as they arrive,” said Dr. Schultz. “People are usually treated and released in about 40 minutes, unless they need to be transferred to the main hospital emergency department.”


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