New Acute Care Wing Construction Update

There are now over 500 construction workers on the King Edward VII Memorial Redevelopment Project site daily. The Point Finger Road site is Bermuda’s largest ever construction project. Contractors Paget Health Services revealed this week that the numbers of workers on the site is reaching its expected maximum with more than 500 usually on hand every day.

Since the construction works began, Bermudians/spouses of Bermudians have consistently comprised over 60 percent of the workforce.

BHB President & CEO, Venetta Symonds, said: “We are pleased to again report the positive effect this necessary development is having on our Bermuda community. We are in the business of healthcare but find that we are providing jobs for hundreds of Bermudians in the construction field. We recognise the importance this has meant for many families during this unexpected downturn in our economy. “

“In July we reported over one-million man hours had been completed. Now, just three months later, we can reveal that more Bermudians are on the site and that peak numbers of about 550 workers are expected to be reached in the upcoming weeks.”

The KEMH Redevelopment Project broke ground to build a new acute care wing in January 2011 and is expected to be complete next year. The number of workers on the site has been rising gradually and in the last two months has risen to 500. The following list details the breakdown by job type, although not all trades are on the site every day: BCM McAlpine management team and supervision – 36; BCM McAlpine direct labour – 24; general labourers and cleaners – 26; carpenters and form workers – 20; drywallers and ceiling fixers – 95; rubber and terrazzo flooring workers – 20; painters – 14; rebar – 6; steel erectors and welders – 7; masons – 10; ground workers/landscaping – 15; EIFS Installers – 25; electricians including supervision – 80; mechanical/plumbing including supervision – 105; roofers – 5; window installers – 5; elevator installers – 3; scaffolders – 5; insulators – 12 and Security – 4.

Redevelopment Project Director, James Campbell, said: “We are pleased with the progress and quality of building work. We pay careful attention to ensure the construction is meeting the prescribed international standards. It is our intention to provide the Island with a premiere facility that enables the highest quality of healthcare to be afforded to the community.”


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