Acute Care Wing opens next month

Acute Care Wing opens next month
We are now in the transition period which allows for remaining construction minor deficiency items to be completed and for BHB to continue orientation/training and assume responsibility for the security of the new wing. This process will continue to develop through to opening of the Acute Care Wing in September. Paget Health Services (PHS) has commenced the facilities management (FM) works through their FM services provider, Black & McDonald.
What’s happening inside
• Training: BHB is progressing their staff training with regular tours throughout the month of August. This will be gradually increased as we approach the Acute Care Wing opening date in September.
• Security: BHB is now in control of security within the building.
• Environmental Services: BHB is now cleaning within the Acute Care Wing leading up to final clinical clean in late August/early September.
• Clinical Areas: All floors are generally complete apart from the installation of any final loose items of medical equipment, final commissioning and completion of the few remaining items of outstanding works.
• Link Connections: The Link works are complete apart from final removal of barriers which have remained in place to assist security. BHB’s plans to test movement of patients, materials, food and laundry services between the General Wing and the new Acute Care Wing, once finalised, will prompt removal of these barriers.
• Mechanical plant rooms: These areas continue to be the busiest areas on site as final balancing of equipment controls integration is completed and the final commissioning of mechanical and electrical systems takes place.
• Installation of artwork: Artwork that has been specially encased in thick plexiglass for infection control purposes, is being hung throughout the wing.
What’s happening outside
• The outside of the building is complete.

• Hard landscaping will be complete by mid-August. The engraved donor pavers will be installed through the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust from 11th August 2014.

• Soft landscaping is complete apart from the planting of a few remaining trees.

• Final installation and commissioning of the few remaining cameras and duress stations is being completed.

• The contractor’s site storage containers have been removed and the new footpath is now fully open. The contractor’s site offices will be removed gradually through August.


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