Bermuda Hospitals Board Releases Preliminary Accreditation Report

Bermuda Hospitals Board today made its Preliminary Accreditation Report public. The Board decided to make the Preliminary Accreditation Report a public document as it recognises there is public interest in its ongoing commitment to quality improvement. It is the first time this document has been shared since BHB first achieved accreditation.

The Preliminary Accreditation Report outlines the early findings of May’s on-site survey at BHB, provides feedback on areas to improve and gives a ‘Forecast’ result. The goal of the Preliminary Report is to encourage organisations to make further improvements before the Final Accreditation Report is filed.

BHB’s forecast result is Accreditation with Condition, which means we achieved accreditation but that out of the 1,555 applicable standards*, 111 (7%) have been identified for improvement. Our deadline to provide evidence of improvements is 24 December 2008. If evidence is provided, BHB will be able to achieve unconditional Accreditation.

“We are extremely proud of the success of our staff in achieving a forecast accreditation result and meeting 1,444 of the 1,555 (or 93%) of applicable accreditation standards,” notes CEO, David Hill. “Accreditation is a tool for hospitals to ensure a constant improvement in the quality of care to patients in line with international best practices. It is at the heart of BHB’s Clinical Quality strategy. We are very pleased to share this document with the community. It highlights our successes and areas to improve and we hope will provide greater understanding about the processes that drive our quality improvement programme at BHB.”

The report is attached to the top of this page.

Attachment 1: Preliminary Accreditation Report


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