New Chief Executive Officer Appointed for Bermuda Hospitals Board

Venetta Symonds Appointed as Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) is today pleased to announce the appointment of David Hill to the position of Chief Executive Officer, effective December 2006, pending immigration approval. Venetta Symonds has been appointed as Deputy Chief Executive Officer and will train under the new CEO.

Mr. Hill comes to BHB with over 20 years in healthcare and over 15 years in hospital management. Currently the Chief Executive of the James Paget Healthcare Trust, Mr. Hill manages a 550 bed acute hospital with a turnover of GBP120 million and a staff of 3,000. Under Mr. Hill’s leadership, his Trust has achieved the highest level of clinical excellence, accreditation in all areas and status as a Foundation Trust. Mr. Hill has worked at the James Paget Healthcare Trust for fifteen years. Prior to his appointment as Chief Executive in 1999, Mr. Hill was the Deputy Chief Executive from 1996 and the Director of Finance from 1991. Mr. Hill had previously worked in the Finance Department of the East Norfolk Health Authority and in other finance posts for local government. A qualified accountant with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, Mr. Hill has a BSc(hons) in Mathematics from University of Exeter.

Mrs. Symonds has worked at BHB for over 25 years and has been Acting CEO for BHB since the retirement of Joan Dillas-Wright in March 2006. Previous to this appointment, Mrs. Symonds had been the Organizational Review Officer. She was appointed to this position in July 2004 to oversee an organisation-wide performance improvement programme, after four years as Director of Support Services. Mrs. Symonds holds a Bachelor’s degree in Radiologic Technology from the University of Tennessee, a Masters of Arts degree in Human Resource Development from Webster University and is a Certified Healthcare Executive with ACHE (the American College of Healthcare Executives).

Anthony Richardson, Chairman of the Bermuda Hospitals Board, comments: “On behalf of BHB I am extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Hill. Our extensive and thorough selection process has helped us appoint a high quality CEO who has proven experience in developing and improving healthcare services. Many of the issues we face in Bermuda are similar to those faced by healthcare leaders around the world – the global shortage of healthcare workers, the growing expense of technology and the need to constantly put the care of our patients at the heart of what we do each day. Mr Hill brings extensive experience in managing these issues and will bring great insight as we seek to improve healthcare services in Bermuda.”

Mr Richardson adds: “It also a great pleasure for us to appoint Mrs. Symonds as Deputy Chief Executive Officer. We are focused not only on improving our healthcare services today but also in the years ahead. We are fortunate to have such a high calibre Bermudian to prepare for future leadership. Mrs. Symonds has already displayed her leadership potential as Acting CEO and we are pleased that healthcare in Bermuda will be in strong and well-prepared hands today and for many years to come.”


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