Newly-Formed Bermuda Medical Students’ Society Calls for Members

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today announces the formation of the Bermuda Medical Students’ Society (BMSS), a group established to counsel and assist Bermudian medical students in all phases of training as they progress through their requirements and seek job placements as physicians.

The BMSS is asking any medical students who would be interested in joining, or becoming part of the Board, to e-mail: Membership is free.

BHB has an extensive student and scholarship programme, but this is the first time a group has been developed to focus on students training to be physicians. Supported by BHB, the BMSS is being developed by a group of young Bermudians. The BMSS Chair is Alisha Gabriel, a third year medical student at The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. The Vice Chair is Katura Horton-Perinchief, who has a Masters in Public Health and is currently in charge of the Tumour Registry in Bermuda and the Membership Director is Attiya Talbot, a third year medical student at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Shammah Williams, a third year medical student at Loma Linda University in California, USA, and Janaya Raynor, who attends Ross University and is based in Freeport, Bahamas have both been appointed as Executive Board Members. There is still one Executive Board Member position open.

Additionally, King Edward VII Memorial Hospital’s Director of the Hospitalist Programme, Dr. Arlene Basden, and a Consultant Psychiatrist at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute, Dr. Chantelle Simmons, are Advisors to the BMSS Executive Board.

Ms Gabriel comments: “I have had incredible opportunities, advice and support from some of my Bermudian mentors such as Dr. Wesley Miller and Dr. Annie Pinto while working as part of the BHB Summer Student Program. My mentors have helped and inspired me to become a better physician and because of them I came up with the idea of this society. What BMSS wants to do is assist all Bermudian medical students and help them network and find mentors. Becoming a physician is a long and challenging career path and I believe there is a huge benefit for medical students to have a representative body to turn to for advice, support and opportunities. First, however, we need students to contact us so that we can build a comprehensive membership listing.”

Dr Thomas, Chief of Staff at BHB, adds: “BHB has been looking at ways to support Bermudians who want to train as physicians as part of our long term strategic planning to sustain Bermudian medical staff and leadership in the years ahead. We are very pleased to support the BMSS and excited to see such energy and enthusiasm by the founding members. We certainly look forward to seeing the BMSS become a great resource for young Bermudians that encourages and supports them to become our next generation of physicians.”

The initial goals for the BMSS are:

1.) To provide a mentoring programme for young up and coming physicians – match students with Bermudian doctors who are already established and practicing in Bermuda. This will give students the opportunity to seek advice on how to go about advancing their career in a way that is conducive to returning to Bermuda.

2.) To encourage networking between medical students and their future colleagues – organise events to establish a cohesive support network of Bermudian Medical Students and physicians. The first event is planned for this year.

3.) To be a scholarship resource – provide information about current scholarships and research potential for a new medical student scholarship.

4.) To promote overall wellbeing and health awareness amongst the group members and within the Bermudian community.

5.) To establish overseas contacts for possible residencies, fellowships and electives – establish and develop contacts with hospitals in the US, Canada and the UK so that Bermudian medical students can obtain residencies and electives overseas, if they wish.

6.) To improve dissemination of information – help distribute information to students so they can keep up to date with Bermudian health news, issues and concerns while abroad.


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