New CT Scanner and Image Management System Upgrade

Results Available for Next-Day CT Appointments and Faster Turn Around on Reports

Bermuda Hospitals Board today announced that three months after installing its new CT Scanner and digital image management system at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, the quality and speed of the new service has resulted in outpatients being offered next-day appointments for CT scans and radiologist reports being completed within 24 to 48 hours.

The 8-slice Brightspeed Elite Select CT scanner became operational in February 2008. At the same time BHB went live with a digital image management system that enables CT images to be sent immediately to on-site radiologists for reading once the scan is complete. Prior to its installation, the average outpatient wait time for a CT Scan was five to seven days and a report could take three to four days.

The new CT scanner also allows BHB to offer new scans that will help identify illnesses such as strokes, clots, cancers and vascular disorders. The quality of the scans also enable 3-D images, which help especially in soft tissue and abnormal bone diagnoses, as it helps put the scanned body parts into perspective, rather than reading a flat ‘slice’.

“We are truly excited to be able to offer a high quality service that means people requiring a scan are seen and diagnosed quickly,” comments CT Scan Supervisor, Earlington Raynor. “We understand that when people are referred for a CT scan they might feel nervous about the process and stressed about what might be found. The quality and speed of our new CT equipment and technology help us make the scan itself more comfortable and patients can be reassured that results will be turned around quickly.”

CT scans require patients to have a contrast media injected to highlight different organs. Another benefit of the new equipment is that it can provide a higher quality scan with less contrast media, reducing the potential for a patient to react. For example, in chest CTs, the amount of contrast media has reduced from 150cc to 90cc. The scan itself is also more comfortable for patients as it is faster, so less time is spent on the table.

“We are now operating at an international standard of care with the quality and speed of our service,” adds Dr Daniel Stovell, Chief of Diagnostic Imaging. “Our radiologists now read scans on a computer screen, rather than waiting for film to be developed. The quality of image is vastly enhanced by the digital process and it also allows us to manipulate images helping us diagnose potential illnesses or injuries.”

Notes to Editors:
What is a CT scanner?
A CT (computerised tomography) scanner is a special kind of X-ray machine in which several beams are sent simultaneously from different angles.

What are CT scans used for?
CT scans are far more detailed than ordinary X-rays. They can produce virtual images and allow doctors to inspect the inside of the body without having to operate or perform unpleasant examinations. CT scanning has proven invaluable in pinpointing tumours and planning treatment with radiotherapy.


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