Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute programme highlighted in international publication

(Bermuda Hospitals Board, October 30, 2016) 516_file_1Mid Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI) Occupational Therapist Morrisa Rogers has put Bermuda on the world stage with her case study on the collaborative efforts of a project between MWI and WindReach Bermuda. Her work has been published in the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) Bulletin, this month. The online version of the October edition of the Bulletin went live on Sunday 23 October.
Mrs. Rogers’ article “Creative Partnerships: When collaboration brings about a growth of the profession” is a paper which looks at a collaborative project between MWI and another local charity – WindReach Bermuda.

The abstract for the paper reads as follows: “Public-private partnerships have become a growing trend both globally and locally in healthcare as limited financial resources and complex social and behavioural problems often make it nearly impossible in many countries for either public or private entities to address such problems on their own.

“In Bermuda the reality is no different this has required occupational therapist to seek opportunities to develop partnerships in the community. The case study exemplifies such a situation. Occupational therapists at the publically funded, Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute, and the local registered non-profit, WindReach, have collaborated to provide opportunities for between 35 and 40 regular service users to find meaningful experiences outside of an institutional setting.”

Mrs Rogers said a desire to recognise the impact occupational therapy is making in our Bermuda community motivated her to write about this project.

She said: “This is what continues to drive me to seek additional opportunities to educate and advocate for the profession not only in Bermuda but also internationally.”


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