Donated Air Filtration System Installed at the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre

Bermuda Hospitals Board today announced the installation of a donated a NQ 500 air filtration system in the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre in St David’s. The air filtration system helps cleanse air and is used to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, such as flu, and microbal pathogens. The equipment was generously donated to the hospital by Ms. Jenefer Brimmer CRDE, COCT President/CEO of HI Group of Companies.

“We are very pleased to be installing this new equipment at the Lamb Foggo UCC. We already utilise this equipment at King Edward VII Memorial hospital’s Emergency Department and inpatient wards, and so we are grateful for the donation of the additional equipment to protect Lamb Foggo UCC patients from the spread of infections. It is part of our commitment to provide the community with the best possible solution for infection control, in all our clinical areas.” says Linda Rothwell, Manager of the Infection Control Department at Bermuda Hospitals Board.

KEMH currently has 12 of these air filtration systems. At the Lamb Foggo UCC, the system has been placed in the main waiting room at the Lamb Foggo UCC, where it will be used to trap, filter and disinfect any infectious and microorganisms that may be transmitted from arriving clients. The NQ500 system could also be used to quarantine an infected patient, by moving it into a patient bay.

The system operates by using negative pressure to send clean air to the upper part of a room, forcing heavier particles down and away from the breathing zone and into the system’s inlet. The contaminated air is circulated into a self-contained ultraviolet radiation chamber disallowing the bad air to return into the hospitals air-ducts.

“The NQ air purification system is a solution utilized in hospitals around the world to protect patients from airborne infections,” says Alan Joell, BHB’s Supervisor of Engineering Services – Special Equipment. “While we all are aware of the vital role of housekeeping and handwashing in preventing the spread of infections, patients visiting the Lamb Foggo UCC can be assured that we are paying attention to ensure high levels of cleanliness in the very air they breathe.”

Jenefer Brimmer, CRDE, COCT, President/CEO of Thermax/Asthma & Allergy Relied Centre and NQI’s distributor in Bermuda and the Caribbean stated: “We have donated a NQ 500 unit to the Hospital to the value of over $21,500.00 to be used at the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Center in St. David’s. The decision to donate was to help protect clients who used this facility from infectious diseases such as the H1N1 flu virus.”


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