Bermuda Hospitals Board Awards Scholarships to Six Students

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) has awarded $80,000 in scholarships for this fiscal year, to be paid over two years, to six students studying in fields that are projected to be in demand by the hospitals. These include Speech Therapy, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Radiology and Nursing. In addition, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a Bermuda-based subsidiary of GlaxoSmithKline plc, has once again awarded $30,000 to support two Bermudian students studying Pharmacy and Psychology. The scholarship winners have all demonstrated a strong commitment to service in the community and the hospitals, as well as maintaining a solid academic performance.

Venetta Symonds, BHB CEO, says: “We are very proud to provide scholarships to this year’s winners, who will one day join the hospital’s team of professionals. BHB is committed to supporting Bermudian students pursuing careers in healthcare. We are competing in a global market with a shortage of medical professionals and we recognize the value these young people will bring to our community when they return here to work. I would also like to pay tribute to GlaxoSmithKline for continuing to provide scholarship funding to our students.”

Scholarship winner, Britanni Cann-Fubler, who is majoring in Speech and Language Therapy in the United Kingdom, says her chosen field of study has shown her how integral communication is to human existence. “Knowing I can help improve someone´s communication skills as a Speech and Language Therapist and positively impacting an individual’s life is highly motivating. I am thankful for this scholarship award and the opportunity it is providing me and I look forward to returning to Bermuda to serve families in my community.”

Regina Dill, who was awarded a scholarship to pursue Nursing at Bermuda College, says she chose this field of study because she loves helping others. “I regard nursing as a very rewarding career that will make a difference in people’s lives and bring them hope and happiness. This scholarship will allow me to pursue my education and follow my dream of becoming a registered nurse. I look forward to giving back to my country.”

The scholarship winners are:

• Brittani Cann-Fubler, Masters degree, Human Communication Sciences/Speech Therapy at The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom – awarded $20,000 over two years
• Allison Outerbridge, Masters degree, Nutrition/Clinical Dietitian at University of Tennessee, USA- awarded $20,000 over two years
• Julesa Robinson, Masters degree, Physical Education/Physiotherapy at Canterbury Christ Church University, United Kingdom- awarded $20,000 over two years
• Shuntee Ford, Associates degree, Radiology at Keiser University, USA- awarded $10,000 onetime payment
• Regina Dill, Associates degree, Nursing at Bermuda College, Bermuda- awarded $5,000 onetime payment
• Selena Swan, Associates degree, Nursing at Bermuda College, Bermuda- awarded $5,000 onetime payment
• Tiffany Smith, Masters degree, Pharmacy, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom- awarded $15,000 this year from GlaxoSmithKline
• Kelly Savery, PhD, Psychology, University of Manchester, United Kingdom – awarded $15,000 this year from GlaxoSmithKline


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