Thanks to ESSO, Hospice Patients Can Now Take Day Trips

Agape House recently received a new Renault Kangoo van, purchased with funds raised by ESSO’s “Help Us Help” appeal.

The van was specially modified in the factory to be wheelchair accessible and will be used to transport patients on outings and to carry supplies. With room for a driver, three passengers and a wheelchair, the new van will make it easier and more convenient for patients to leave the hospice for excursions.

As the island’s only dedicated hospice facility, Agape House provides care for hundreds of patients each year. Operated by Bermuda Hospitals Board, the facility is also generously assisted by volunteer services and fundraising events managed by Friends of Hospice.

The “Help Us Help” appeal raised $50,000 over the past several years by donating a percentage of gas sales, along with money made from the sale of Tiger key chains to Agape House. In addition, ESSO is donating another $5000 to offset the cost of upkeep on the van.

“ESSO is proud to support the wonderful work carried out by medical staff and volunteers at Agape House,” said Mark Fields, Lead Country Manager of ESSO Bermuda. “We are happy to help our community by funding a vehicle that will improve the quality of life for patients at the hospice.”

Gertie Barker, President of Friends of Hospice, said, “On behalf of patients, staff and volunteers, we express gratitude to ESSO for their continuing support of our services.”

Roseann Key, Clinical Coordinator at Agape House, said, “Having a wheelchair-accessible van means we can take patients out for day trips. It will provide a nice change of scenery for our clients and give them a break from their daily routine.”


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