Bermuda Asked to Donate Digital Cameras for Community Photographic Exhibition by Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute Clients

Bermuda Hospitals Board began seeking second-hand digital cameras today to help with a photography project being undertaken by mental health clients at Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI).

Called “Photo Voice: Can You Hear Me Now?” the project is being organised by MWI’s occupational therapists. The goal of Photo Voice is giving clients with mental health challenges a way of expressing their experiences through photography. The photos will be displayed during Mind Frame, an art exhibition held each October at the Bermuda Society of Arts.

‘We are asking the community to donate digital cameras to our project that they don’t use anymore,” notes Teresa Law, Occupational Therapist for the Mental Health Programme at MWI. “When you get a new digital camera, sometimes your old one sits in a cupboard and is no longer used. We are asking people to donate these cameras. Digital cameras will help reduce costs, as our clients can experiment without the cost of developing film. We hope it will provide a valuable way for our clients to express their experiences and also give the community an enlightening exhibition to see in October.”

About 30 clients are expected to take part in the project in 2009. People who would like to donate a camera can drop off their camera at the Bermuda Society of Arts in City Hall or at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute in Devonshire.

“The use of art in mental health has already shown to be hugely beneficial and healing for clients,” adds Helen Robinson, Occupational Therapist for MWI’s Community Rehabilitation Team. “It gives a creative voice to people who are often marginalised due to the stigma of mental health. The exhibition of art and photography by our clients is also a way for the wider community to gain insight into the experience of people with mental health challenges and to have a greater appreciation of the talents our clients have.”


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