BHB Endocrinologist Presents to the Royal Society of Medicine

Bermuda Hospitals Board today announces that Bermudian endocrinologist, Dr Annabel Fountain, presented at the Royal Society of Medicine in London last week. Dr Fountain attended to present a rare and interesting case at the Society for Endocrinology National Clinical Cases 2016 Meeting with Dr Alexandra Haagensen, a Paediatric Endocrinologist from Boston Children’s Hospital. Both doctors worked on the case which originated in Bermuda.

Dr Fountain comments: “I was very pleased to have the opportunity to present this case and represent Bermuda Hospitals Board at this prestigious meeting. Bermuda has a significant amount of endocrine disease, and many of the more complicated diagnoses require additional management overseas (such as surgical removal of hormone-producing tumours). Most of my referrals overseas go to Boston and my colleagues there have commented that we have far more rare pathology than they’d expect from our small population. The detective work in diagnosing the problem and then the collaboration with colleagues for a good outcome for my patients is part of my job that I enjoy immensely. Maintaining my relationships with colleagues overseas and the dialogue for discussion of complex cases is important for supporting the care and expertise that my patients receive when they see me here in Bermuda.”

Dr Fountain added: “I enjoy the diagnostic challenge of listening to people’s symptoms and the story that they tell to get to the bottom of the problems they’re experiencing About half of the people that I see have diabetes, and the remainder have Endocrine disorders. This event further strengthens my relationships with specialists from different countries, especially in London where I trained. As the only Endocrinologist in Bermuda, my mentors and colleagues in London continue to be an excellent and valuable resource.”

Notes to Editors:
What is endocrinology?
Endocrinology is the study of hormones and the glands that make them. Hormones deliver messages via the blood stream between the glands and other organs and systems of the body. Endocrinology includes the study of these interactions as well as the effects.

What is an endocrinologist?
An Endocrinologist is a physician with specialist training to diagnose and treat diseases caused by dysfunction of the endocrine glands. The dysfunction may include over or under-production of hormones, leading to hormonal imbalance, and tumours (usually not cancer) of the glands. While primary care doctors know a lot about the human body, for diseases and conditions directly related to the endocrine system they will often send a patient to an endocrinologist.

What does the endocrinologist do?
Some of the more common conditions treated by our endocrinologist at the DREAM Centre include:

• Diabetes
• Obesity
• Cholesterol disorders
• Hypertension
• Thyroid disease and cancer
• Tumours of other endocrine glands
• Low testosterone/ Erectile dysfunction
• Growth disorders
• Osteoporosis
• Menopause
• Infertility

The goal of treatment is to restore balance. Management may include prescription medications including hormone replacements and lifestyle changes.


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