Bermuda Hospitals Board Major Projects and Improvements Programme to Benefit from Additional Management Support

The Ministry of Health and Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today announced they are seeking to hire a company to provide specialist support for the hospitals’ management. Following a status review, including a recent operational report and review of major projects facing the hospital, it was felt external management support would help existing BHB management and staff in their goal to improve services, modernise patient care and move towards building a new hospital.

This search reflects the significant projects currently being undertaken by BHB beyond its normal remit of delivering healthcare services to the Bermuda community. Projects include the new hospital build, maintaining and improving ageing facilities and equipment, and the need to implement recommendations from the operational review recently completed. The additional managerial support will enable BHB to draw on a pool of highly experienced healthcare specialists during this demanding time.

David Hill, CEO, comments: “Our mandate is to provide quality patient care to the people of Bermuda and the decision to bring in managerial support is driven by this mandate. Bringing in external assistance will ensure our quality of care is maintained and improved while managing a number a significant projects that are vital to the long term viability of our healthcare service delivery to the Island. Like most organizations, we utilise consultants each year in areas that need targeted support. At this time, as we face a larger than normal agenda, it was felt our management would benefit from additional support. We do recognize, however, that the right partnership for our healthcare service and Bermuda is vital, and so we have initiated a robust selection process.”

Five companies were approached in April 2007 with a Request for Proposal for providing managerial assistance. Three selected companies will be interviewed by a panel comprising representatives from the Ministry of Health and Bermuda Hospitals Board within the next few weeks. The panel selection will be forwarded to the Board who will make a recommendation to Cabinet. The successful company will be announced in May 2007.

Herman Tucker, Chairman of the Bermuda Hospitals Boards adds: “I feel extremely positive about the future for the hospitals and the benefit that external support will bring at this challenging time. Concerns about the impact that external support may have on jobs are unfounded. Our commitment is to the increasing investment in people and facilities at BHB. Indeed, at my first board meeting as Chair next Tuesday, we will be considering an increase in the staffing budget at the hospitals of 40 positions for this fiscal year, an increase of about 2.5%.”

Acting Minister of Health the Hon. Dale Butler JP, MP, remarks: “The pressures on the Bermuda Hospitals Board at this time are immense and I congratulate all staff and management for their continuing commitment to caring for the community. Government is mindful of its duty to support BHB in delivering quality services to Bermuda. We have reviewed the significant projects facing BHB senior management and staff. Above and beyond their day to day remit of providing care, the new hospital project must progress, ageing facilities and equipment must be improved to ensure quality does not suffer, and operational improvements must be made. We believe it is in Bermuda´s best interests to provide additional, specialized healthcare management support to the hospitals now rather than waiting and hoping these multiple pressures do not impact the service provided to our people in the months and years to come.”


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