A Clean Start for the Bermuda Hospitals Board’s Laundry Facility

Open House Celebrates Upgraded Laundry and Recognizes Donors for Support

The Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) held an open house today to celebrate its upgraded laundry facility, where more than 3,500 pounds of linen are washed each day. The open house was an opportunity to showcase improvements and to thank the Butterfield family and the Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited (BELCO) for their generous donations to the laundry facility. The BHB also thanked the Fairmont Southampton Resort’s laundry staff for their help, and recognized the hospital’s own employees for their hard work and patience during the renovations.

Improvements to the laundry facility include:

– Three new drying machines (each 175 pounds capacity)
– Two new washers (each 275 pounds capacity)
– Enhanced lighting
– New air conditioning system
– New ceilings and freshly painted walls
– Upgrade of electrical distribution system
– Upgrade of the steam supply
– Piped music

“Patient care takes many forms, both in the frontlines and ‘behind the scenes’. The work done in the laundry is an important component in the delivery of excellent patient care,” said Joan Dillas-Wright, chief executive officer of the Bermuda Hospitals Board. “We are thrilled with the upgrades to the laundry facility, and thank our donors for their support.”


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