New Ambulance Fleet Unveiled

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) announces that today Acting Minister for Health, the Hon. Walter Roban MP JP joined with Emergency staff from the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) to officially launch four new ambulances at the Emergency Department.

The new ambulances effectively replace KEMH’s ambulance fleet and utilise the latest technology and design to improve patient comfort and safety. The ambulances are used by the hospital’s 23 Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), 18 of whom are trained to the higher intermediate level of emergency medical care.

“I am very pleased to launch a new fleet of ambulances for Bermuda,” said Minister Roban. “This marks a continuing investment in our emergency services to ensure a fast and professional response to people in Bermuda in need of emergency medical care.”
Mr Wendell Hollis, Deputy Chairman of the Board, said: “Investing in the improvement of all our services is a priority for the Board. The purchase of these four ambulances with equipment cost in excess of $400,000, but it was a timely investment to replace an ageing ambulance fleet. The new vehicles provide a smoother journey for patients as well as improved equipment and safety features.”

“As EMTs we were closely involved in the design and selection of the new ambulances and we are extremely pleased with them,” commented Raymond Santucci, Head EMT. “We receive an average of 12 to 15 call-outs a day, and up to 20 on a busy day. We have selected ambulances that pack in the latest technology and design, while maintaining a small size to navigate Bermuda’s narrow roads.”

The new fleet includes brighter outside LED lights to improve visibility for traffic and Mr Santucci asked that people stay alert and pull over at the nearest safe point in the road if they seem an emergency vehicle coming. “While we have purchased small ambulances so they can cope with Bermuda’s narrow roads, we still need people in both directions to pull over at the nearest safe point on the road so we have a clear passage through.”

Dr Donald Thomas, Chief of Staff, highlighted some of the features of the new ambulance, noting: “When people are in a medical emergency, they just want to get to hospital. Our new ambulances enable us to improve comfort and safety even before patients go through the emergency door. There is improved suspension for a smoother ride, non-slip floors to keep the patient’s stretcher stable, as well as harness-style seat belts and side netting to protect EMTs or family members in the event of a sudden stop. We are very pleased to support our EMTs with a quality ambulance that improves their ability to respond, care for and keep safe anyone experiencing a medical emergency in Bermuda.”


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