St. Brendan’s Hospital Unveils New Name

St. Brendan’s Hospital today unveiled its new name, Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI), at a celebration that was open to staff, community and various dignitaries. As part of Mental Health Awareness Week in October 2004, a name changing competition was opened to the community. Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute was selected from hundreds of entries received.

“Our new name is only one step in our efforts to educate the public and encourage dialogue about mental health issues,” said Patrice Dill, Director of Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute. “From here, we will only continue to increase our focus on promoting wellness and educating the public about healthy living, which means focusing on our mental, just as much as physical, wellbeing.”

The new name selection committee was comprised of the Honourable Patrice K. Minors, JP, MP, Minister of Health and Family Services, Jonathan Brewin, Chairman of the Bermuda Hospitals Board, Patrice Dill, Director of Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute, Louie Grant, former Director of Nursing, Dion Correia, Chairman of the St Brendan’s Amenities Committee. Nicky Gurret of Pembroke submitted the winning entry.

“There have been significant strides in mental healthcare delivery in Bermuda over the years,” said Joan Dillas-Wright, Chief Executive Officer of the Bermuda Hospitals Board. “This new name marks a period of increased awareness of mental health issues in Bermuda, and I know Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute will play a significant role in creating a much greater understanding and acceptance of these issues in our community.”

Over the years there have been many changes at the newly-named Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute, including:

– An increased number of highly trained, proficient staff
– Access to the latest medications
– New technology and equipment

Today, Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute is a resource for individuals of all ages, providing services primarily to people who are able, as a result, to lead relatively normal lives in the community.

Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute more than meets international standards of healthcare and keeps abreast of the very latest in innovations. Late last year, the Royal College of Psychiatrists surveyed the organisation and granted it a one-year accreditation award and teaching hospital certification, allowing resident doctors to train to be psychiatrists in Bermuda for a set period. It is also accredited by City and Guilds (UK) to offer qualifications in learning disability.

Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute – Background Information

As the only psychiatric facility in Bermuda, Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI) provides a high standard of comprehensive mental health care and services. MWI has 130 inpatient beds, over 20 community group homes and serves approximately 1200 outpatients per year. MWI covers all areas of psychiatry, including acute general adult psychiatry, child and adolescence, rehabilitation, community care, extended care, plus the distinct services of learning disability and substance abuse.

Services are located in Devonshire, Warwick, at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and in a number of group homes throughout the island. In the past, clients in the group homes would have received care in hospital, but now they can be much more integrated into the community. The Learning Disability programme has ten group homes, and the Mental Health programme has twelve community homes throughout the community.

Forensic psychiatric services are provided to the prisons and consult liaison services are provided to the general hospital and social service agencies. An interdisciplinary, multi-cultural team of professionals provides care and services.



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