BHB Announces Patient Satisfaction Annual Results

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today releases annual results from its ongoing patient satisfaction survey. Overall, results indicate a continued rising trend in patient satisfaction with acute care services at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital since the survey began in January 2009.

This is the second year results have been released and is one of the ways BHB is seeking to provide the Bermuda community with consistent data to evaluate its services. The survey is continuous and is carried out by an independent research company on behalf of BHB. Every month, surveyors randomly telephone over 300 people, who have used hospital services or been discharged from hospital within the last 30 days. That means about 3,600 surveys per year inform the results.

Chairman of the Bermuda Hospitals Board, Mr Jonathan Brewin, comments: “As the new Chairman of BHB, I am pleased to see patient satisfaction results that are moving in the right direction. It is a great testament to the front line staff, their dedication and care. I would also like to recognise the past Board who recognised the importance of surveying patient satisfaction. We believe improvements can still be made, however, and look forward to working to raise the bar on patient care, improving both satisfaction and clinical outcomes for all who need hospital services.”

Summary of satisfaction with overall service (results indicate the percentage of respondents who gave a satisfaction rating of 7 and over, up to a maximum of 10)

• Emergency: 66.4% in 2009 93.2% in 2012
• Inpatient units: 71.2% in 2009 92.7% in 2012
• Outpatient services: 89.8% in 2009 97.2% in 2012
• Surgical Outpatient Unit: 95% in 2009 96.4% in 2012

CEO & President, Mrs Venetta Symonds, comments: “These results show a workforce at BHB who continue to care for patients in Bermuda with professionalism and heart, at a time of great challenge and change for the organisation. The stories behind the results show our staff responding to patient feedback, whether it is communicating better, enhancing our environment, or improving hospital food. Patient satisfaction is one of the measures we use to ensure we are investing wisely and changing in line with our patients’ needs and expectations. I am grateful to all our patientsjon who provide the feedback we need to raise the bar, and I would specifically like to highlight the Emergency department. This is by far our busiest and challenging department, Emergency staff work in cramped conditions and have to deal with everything from ear aches, and joint sprains to gunshot wounds and strokes. They have improved satisfaction with their overall service from 66% to 93% over the last four years, and satisfaction with wait times from 63% to 84%. These vastly improved results over the last year reflect continued dedication from the clinical and support staff.”

VP of Quality & Risk Management, Mr Preston Swan, adds: “I would like to thank every patient who has taken the time to respond to this survey, and also all those who have provided feedback throughout the year through complaints and comments to their healthcare team, the Patient Advocate Office or the Quality & Risk Department. Although the survey results reflect the opinions of those who participated, everyone who provides us with insight into their experience helps us improve. Knowing what has gone well is valuable as it helps us spread good practice through the organisation and recognise staff. When something goes wrong, it is not always easy to speak up, but this is a part of how hospitals learn around the world, and we thank everyone who has taken time to provide feedback. We are moving in the right direction and are committed to continually improving our delivery of care so that we can exceed patient’s expectations.”

Attachment 1: 2009-2012 Patient Satisfaction Results


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