Breastfed Baby Photo Exhibit People’s Choice Winner Announced

The Department of Health, Bermuda Hospitals Board and La Leche League are pleased to announce the People’s Choice Winners from last month’s first-ever Breastfed Baby Photo Exhibit.

Nylan Tyrrell was the People’s Choice winner, earning the most votes. His photo was taken by Sterlin Swan.

Proud parents Nekisha Tyrrell and Nathan Richardson were thrilled by the news. “I always knew I wanted to breastfeed my son,” Nekisha said. “From the first moment when he latched on, I have loved the closeness and the fact that everything he needed for the best start in life came from me. We both still enjoy nursing.”

Over 225 photos of breastfed babies were submitted for the exhibition. The project was launched to educate families about the many health benefits nursing provides to both mothers and babies and to encourage more women to choose breastfeeding.

Over 85 photos were selected to be displayed at the Bermuda Society of Arts for an exhibit that opened on August 13 and ran for two weeks.

“We were pleased by the large number of families who participated in this campaign,” said Dr. Cheryl Peek-Ball, Senior Medical Director for the Department of Health. “This reflects a strong commitment by parents to provide a healthy beginning for their infants.”

The World Health Organization and healthcare professionals in Bermuda recommend babies be exclusively breastfed for the first six months. A study undertaken a few years ago indicated Bermuda has high initiation rates for breastfeeding but also indicated that less than 1% of mothers are following the recommended guidelines.

“This campaign was intended to promote our message that breastfeeding provides newborns with optimal growth and development and is the best source of nourishment for babies,” said Melony Kendell, Accredited La Leche League Leader. “Healthcare professionals in our community recognize the importance to providing support to mothers choosing to breastfeed and we are all working together to assure women have access to consistent and accurate information.”

Women are encouraged to seek help if they are facing difficulties with breastfeeding.

“With the proper information and support, mothers can successfully nurse their babies,” said Christine Virgil, BHB Clinical Director of Maternal/Child Services. “Maternity staff are available to assist new mothers in the early days following delivery. Getting off to a good start will pave the way for women to overcome difficulties.”

For breastfeeding assistance, women may contact LLL at 236-1120, the Maternal Health and Family Planning Clinic at 278-6475 or the Maternity team at 239-1325.

In addition to Nylan Tyrrell, ten other photos were chosen by people who voted for their favourite entry:
Annmarie and Joshua Jarrett, photo by Theresa Millet
Narai Franklin, photo by Mall Studios
Jayden Cann, photo by Theresa Millet
Azae and Azure Burrows, photo by L. Edwards Photography
Ryan Roberts and baby Roque
Andre-Che’Alay Hollinsid
Amelia Powell, photo by Margo Mulder-Powell
Austin Smith, photo by Theresa Millet
Shamay Taylor-Bhagwan, photo by Theresa Millet
Sarah Steel-Smith and baby Ashton, photo by Joshua Steele-Smith


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