Public Invited to Learn About Kidney Disease at KEMH

Bermuda Hospitals Board invites the public to visit the KEMH lobby between 10am and 2pm any day this week to learn about the prevention and treatment of kidney disease, ahead of World Kidney Day on Thursday 10 March.

Kidneys play a vital role in maintaining optimal health and because renal disease is a major risk for heart disease, educating communities about prevention can contribute to lower rates of cardiovascular disease, which remains the number one cause of death worldwide.

Norma Smith, BHB Clinical Director of Outpatient Services, said: “We are encouraging members of the public to engage in preventive behaviours that will hopefully lower the overall incidence of kidney disease in our community. This will improve the quality of our community’s health and wellbeing and help control healthcare costs. We also hope to talk to medical professionals about their key role in detecting and reducing the risk of chronic kidney day, particularly in high risk populations.”

Dr. Lynette Thomas, Medical Director for the Dialysis Unit at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital said: “Unfortunately, Bermudians are disproportionately affected by renal disease. In the majority of cases, renal disease is related to diabetes mellitus and hypertension, diseases which affect Bermudians in great numbers. Our lobby display will hopefully help improve awareness of renal disease risk factors, early detection and close monitoring to slow the progression of renal disease. We want to encourage modifying lifestyle choices which lead to the majority of end-stage renal disease. People with diabetes mellitus or hypertension should have their kidney function assessed at least yearly. Our goal is to detect renal disease and offer appropriate therapy before patients reach end-stage renal disease and require haemodialysis.”


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