Craneiom comes down

Craneiom comes down
(Thursday 16 January 2014 – Hamilton, Bermuda) Craneiom – the tallest of the tower cranes on the site of the new Acute Care Wing, is slated to be dismantled next weekend. It was named back in 2009, when it was first brought to the site, by local student Isaiah Smith. Isaiah won a contest with his concocted name choice “craneiom”.
In its more than two year stay on the site, Craneiom, operated by certified local crane operators, has hoisted several hundred thousand tons of concrete and building materials.
Craneiom is 155 feet tall, has a capacity of 6 tons and a jib radius of 150 feet. It can withstand sustained winds of 130 mph. When not in use, the jib design allows it to swing with the wind instead of being rigidly set against its force.
Electrically powered, Craneiom was erected and tested by local teams under the supervision of the UK based certifier. A specially trained technician is due on the Island next weekend to dismantle the machine. It is expected to take three days, weather permitting.
Members of the public interested in seeing the large crane come down should contact BHB public relations by emailing for the best time on Saturday 25 January to watch.


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