Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute Seeks Community Support for New Programme

Team members from the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute’s (MWI) occupational therapy, physiotherapy and social work departments are launching a new programme designed to provide service users (clients) with opportunities to participate in all areas of wellness.

The new programme will cover stress management, relaxation, healthy eating, weight loss, sleep, activity, motivation and goal setting. Activities will include yoga, gym sessions, Pilates, volleyball, football, tennis and walking groups.

MWI staff members are asking the community to assist in securing a suitable venue for operating these 90-minute sessions each week at around 5:30pm. In order to assure the programme is readily accessible to service-users, they are seeking a central location.

Teresa Law, clinical supervisor for occupational and physical therapy at MWI said, “We are hoping that by providing a wellness programme for our service users, we can support them in living a healthier life”

A goal of the recovery model of care, which has been adopted by staff at MWI, is accessibility to community facilities for service users. This is essential for people being served at MWI and provides them with a sense of inclusion in society.

Helen Turner, a physiotherapist at MWI said, “Connection with others and actively engaging in life are important sources of well-being.”

The team at MWI is looking for space at a community venue already providing wellness services. Members of the public who are willing to volunteer time to the programme or are able to provide access to a facility appropriate for running wellness sessions are urged to contact Sita Ingram at 239-1181 or Helen Turner at 236-3770 ext. 3282.

Community collaboration with this exciting new programme is welcomed and encouraged.


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