BHB Releases Request for Proposal to Shortlisted Bidders

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) today released its request for proposal (RFP) to the three bid teams that were shortlisted in late October of this year. This is the final phase of the process to identify a private partner that will design, build, finance and maintain new facilities on the existing King Edward VII Memorial Hospital site. The new facilities will include Bermuda’s first dedicated day surgery unit; ambulatory care services like oncology, dialysis, asthma and diabetes; 90 single-occupancy en suite patient rooms; diagnostic imaging services; a new Emergency Room and a new utility plant.

The three teams shortlisted in alphabetical order are:
• Balfour Beatty Capital Inc.
• Bermuda Healthcare Solutions
• Paget Health Services

The members of each team shortlisted represent a balanced mix of both Bermudian and international companies that have significant experience with projects of this nature. Only shortlisted bidders are invited to respond to the RFP.

The RFP document thoroughly details BHB’s very specific requirements for the new facilities. BHB’s staff and clinical, legal and technical advisory teams have worked together to prepare the significant documentation needed for the RFP.

Based on data in the RFP, the three bid teams will be required to submit binding proposals to design, build, finance, and maintain the facilities over the life of the project agreement, a period of approximately 30 years. BHB will evaluate the proposals based on pre-established criteria, and a successful bidder will be invited to enter into a project agreement with BHB in late 2010.

BHB CEO David Hill says, “The release of the RFP today is a key milestone in the delivery of Bermuda’s new acute care facilities. BHB has carried out an extensive investigation, evaluation and consultation process in order to develop specifications for the new facilities that will meet the future acute health care needs of Bermuda.”

Chairman of Bermuda Hospitals Board Herman Tucker adds, “This public private partnership (PPP) will provide the resources BHB needs to safeguard the health and wellness of Bermuda’s people. While not part of the PPP, the Board has also made the simultaneous upgrading of the existing KEMH a priority, so that the overall redevelopment will improve BHB’s ability to provide quality acute care services in a better environment for patients and staff.”

Deputy CEO Venetta Symonds says, “As executive lead on this project, I would like to thank BHB’s employees for the time they have spent participating in this evaluation process. It has been vital to have input from the people who know acute health care best—our staff.”

The project will provide significant opportunities for Bermudians; each bid team offers a combination of health care infrastructure experience, public private partnership (PPP) expertise and local knowledge. In addition to creating opportunities for contractors and trades, BHB expects that various professionals will be retained to help bid teams prepare competitive proposals for the project.

BHB is committed to the timely development of the new facilities. Groundbreaking is anticipated in late 2010 with a construction period of about three years, with patients being cared for in the new facilities in 2014.

The full membership of the shortlisted bid teams, in alphabetical order by team name:

• Balfour Beatty Capital Inc.

Balfour Beatty plc
Balfour Beatty Capital Inc.
Heery International Limited
Cooper & Gardner Architects
Entech Engineering Inc.
Spectrum Consulting Services Limited
Bard, Rao & Athanas Consulting Engineers LLC
Balfour Beatty Construction Limited
D&J Construction Company Limited
Bermuda Air Conditioning Limited
Universal Electric Limited
Balfour Resource Group Limited
Balfour Beatty Workplace Limited
Scotia Capital Inc.
Operis Business Engineering Limited
Eversheds LLP
Appleby Global
Balfour Concord
Atkins Global
Faithful & Gould Inc.

• Bermuda Healthcare Solutions

Bouygues Batiment International
HSBC Specialist Investments Limited
Farrow Partnership Architects Inc
Parkin Architects Limited
Botelho Wood Architects
Woodbourne Associates Limited
MMM Group Limited
Greymane Contracting Limited
GJ Cahill & Company Limited
GSC Cahill Limited
P&M Electrical Services & Supply Limited
Ecovert FM Limited
BAS Serco Limited
Royal Bank of Canada
Allen & Overy LLP
Mello Jones & Martin

• Paget Health Services

Sir Robert McAlpine Limited
PFI Investors Limited
BCM McAlpine Limited
AECOM Limited
Swanke Hayden Connell
OBM International Limited
Black & McDonald Limited
IBM (through Bermuda Computer Services)
Ernst & Young LLP
Wakefield Quin
BF&M Insurance Limited


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