Bermuda Hospitals Board Announces Scholarship Winners

Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) is today celebrating this year’s scholarship winners at an Awards Ceremony at Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI). Awards worth a total of $175,000 (over a four year period) are being presented to thirteen students pursuing careers in healthcare.

Patrice Minors, Minister of Health and Family Services, will make opening remarks at the ceremony, along with Terry Lister, Minister of Education, and Venetta Symonds, Acting CEO of BHB.

Four scholarships will be given to nursing students and nine will go to young people seeking degrees in allied health fields, such as medical technology, radiography, physiotherapy, diagnostic medical sonography and clinical social work. The scholarship winners have all demonstrated a strong commitment to service in the community and the hospitals, as well as maintaining a strong academic performance.

In addition to announcing scholarship winners, this year’s ceremony will honour seventeen staff members who have recently graduated with degrees or certifications in healthcare.

Scott Pearman, Director of Human Resources said, “I would like to congratulate the BHB scholarship winners and pay tribute to all students who applied. The value of these young people to Bermuda is immense, given the global shortage of medical professionals. We are proud to be supporting them through our scholarship programme and wish them the very best in their studies. Equally important to BHB is ensuring today’s professionals continue to develop and grow. Congratulations to BHB staff who have successfully completed their studies and thank you for your ongoing commitment and dedication to improving patient care.”

Scholarship winner, Akilah Lapsley-Dyer, who is studying for a bachelor’s degree in sociology with a health care focus, said, “I am thrilled to receive this award. I’ve been a full time student, while working two jobs. This scholarship allows me to concentrate on my studies.”

The scholarship winners are:
• Nursing scholarships: Erinn Smith, Erin Ingemann, Cheykhun Smith and Keenan Van Putten.

• Allied health scholarships: Kishana Outerbridge, Shayna Smith, Kamala Burns, Akilah Lapsley-Dyer, Roche Wolffe, Nacole Lambe, Shanay Scott, Trina Daniels and Lucy Douglas.

BHB staff who recently graduated:
• Aisha Robinson, Donna-Mae Williams, Paulette Anderson, Cyrlene Wilson, Crystal Minors, Shelagh Tasker, Capri Smith, Julee Rabaine, Clayton Busby, Susanna Costa, Kimberly Kerr-Henry, Beza Dagnachew, Ann-Marie Mollineaux, Janet Whelan,
Isobel McSorley, Miriam Caisey and Daniel L. Stovell.


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