BHB Commended by Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation

The Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB) was recently commended by the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation (CCHSA), after a focus visit was conducted at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) and Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI) on February 9, 2006. The purpose of the visit in February was to review progress on various identified areas of improvement. Sandra Kearns, surveyor for CCHSA, was pleased to see that recommendations made last year had been addressed and many totally implemented.

Both KEMH and MWI underwent a voluntary external review process in May 2005 and successfully achieved three-year accreditation, making them the only CCHSA- accredited organizations in Bermuda. During their original on-site visit, the CCHSA survey team examined everything from patient care and safety to staff development and board governance, building and equipment maintenance, infection control and patient chart completion, community partnerships, and quality of employees work life. They met with teams of staff, patients, family members and community partners and compared their own observations with BHB’s self-assessment.

In addition to positive comments, the CCHSA team also identified areas for improvement. Suggestions made included regular fire drills, ongoing monitoring of staff satisfaction, continued review of patient chart management and attention to the current aging physical plant.

“BHB has taken recommendations from the accreditation survey in May 2005 as an opportunity for continuous improvement,” said Ms. Kearns. “This organization truly embraces quality improvement and a commitment to patient safety. There is evidence of this commitment from the Board and application throughout all levels of the organization.”

The follow-up visit conducted in February by the CCHSA team focused on:
· Risk management review of the physical environment
· Aging physical plant
· Physician credentialing
· Licensure of house officers
· Physician manpower plan

“The accreditation process provides us with an objective view of our organization,” said Joan Dillas-Wright, Chief Executive Officer of the Bermuda Hospitals Board. “By identifying areas of excellence, as well as areas of improvement, the process confirms our commitment to providing quality care. I extend my sincere thanks to the staff, patients and members of the public who participated in this exercise and made it a valuable, instructive experience for all of us. We are proud of our accomplishments and are pleased to share them with the community.”


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