Nursing Commercial to Air on TV for the First Time

Bermuda Hospitals Board, the Bermuda Nursing Association and the Department of Health have sponsored the first-ever 30-second Public Service Announcement (PSA) about the nursing profession.

The PSA, produced by Panatel, will be aired on TV over the next six weeks.

“This has been a dream of ours for many years,” said Kathy Ann Swan, Director of Nursing and Allied Health at BHB. “Nursing administrators on the island have been discussing various ways of promoting the nursing profession through the production of a video. Seeing it air on TV will be exciting for those of us who have brought this dream to fruition.”

The project involved filming real Bermudian nurses in settings that showcased the various roles they play. Testimonials highlighted why nursing is a fulfilling, dynamic and rewarding career choice. Encouraging students to pursue nursing was an aim of producing the PSA. Captured, as well, is the message that Bermuda needs more nurses.

“Nursing is a dynamic profession and nurses in Bermuda contribute to better outcomes in a variety of healthcare settings,” said Gaylia Landy, Chief Nursing Officer for the Department of Health. “Nursing also offers diverse opportunities both locally and globally.”

Synda Perry, President of the Bermuda Nurses Association said everyone involved in the project was pleased with the finished product. “Nurses make up the largest group of healthcare providers in Bermuda and around the world,” she added. “The PSA portrays nurses as highly skilled and experienced professionals and closes with a line reflecting the various faces of nursing: Many Roles, One Profession.”


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