Bermuda Hospitals Board Announces Accountant General’s Department as 2015 Corporate Blood Donor of the Year

Businesses Invited to join next year’s competition

Bermuda Hospitals Board (“BHB”) and the Ministry of Health, Seniors and Environment is pleased to announce today that the Accountant General’s Department in the Ministry of Finance, is the 2015 Corporate Blood Donor of the year. This is the second Corporate Blood Drive that has taken place, and the Accountant General’s Department has been awarded the revolving trophy and a certificate as a symbol of their commitment to saving lives and caring for those with therapeutic transfusion needs, such as sickle cell and cancer patients.

This year there were ten contestants: ACE, Bermuda Government Accountant General’s Department, AON, Arnold’s/Café Cairo, Bank of N.T. Butterfield, Kitson Group of Companies, Auto Solutions, Butterfield and Vallis, XL Group and the Bermuda Police Service.

Minister of Health, Seniors and the Environment, The Hon. Jeanne Atherden JP, MP, said: “I would like to thank all participating companies for demonstrating great community commitment. We appreciate you all. Your support of your staff taking time to donate blood is so valuable to making sure we can provide safe, healthy blood for those in need. Special congratulations go to the Accountant General’s Department who encouraged staff, family members and friends to donate and so achieved the highest percentage of donations and the most points. I hope even more companies join next year. This is a great way to increase donations through friendly competition.”

Dr. Clyde Wilson, BHB Chief of Pathology said: “We would like to encourage all corporations and organizations to participate in our 2015/16 Corporate Blood Drive, which begins next week. This is such a wonderful way to save and improve lives in Bermuda. We aren’t looking for financial donations – just half an hour and a pint of blood from each individual every few months. It’s easy for a company sign up – just call or email the Blood Donor Centre at or 236-5067 and we’ll send you the form. We are also writing to all Bermuda-based businesses so look out for the information. It’s a great way to build a community-minded, engaged organisation.”

Ms Crystal Burgess, Assistant Accountant General, said: “We are so proud to have won as it reflects the commitment of our department staff, their friends and families in saving and improving lives in Bermuda. One out of every three people in Bermuda is expected to require blood at some point, so donating blood is personal to us. It’s for our loved ones, ourselves and all the people in our community. We look forward to trying to keep the title next year!”

Blood Donation
• Most healthy people between 18 and 70 who weigh a minimum of 110lbs can donate blood.
• Healthy blood is vital to us all. It has three major functions: to carry oxygen and nutrients to the body cells so they can create energy; to help defend the body against infections and injuries; and to remove waste products from the body cells.
• The average adult contains 10 to 12 pints of blood, which contains many substances including red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma.
• When you donate blood, one pint is taken which is then separated into different components.
• To ensure a donor is healthy enough to give blood, donors are asked to fill out a questionnaire and their blood pressure and haemoglobin is checked.
• The entire process, including pre-testing, donating and time for refreshments afterwards takes about half an hour.


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